Nestle Nan Pro Step 2 (1.3kg)

Nestle Nan Pro Step 2 (1.3kg)

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Product details of NESTLE NAN PRO STEP 2 (1.3KG)


Introducing NAN® OPTIPRO® 2 , a premium follow up formula for babies after 6 months. It provides your baby with all the nutrients essential for growth and development.

It contains OPTIPRO®, an exclusive optimized protein blend that provides the right amount of quality proteins and is gentle on developing organs.

This formulation provides your baby with all the nutrients essential for development, including DHA and ARA precursor for brain and eye development, BIFIDUS BL probiotics - Extensively researched good bacteria added to the milk which help to maintain a desirable balance of beneficial bacteria in your child’s gut, fight against harmful bacteria and keep your baby’s digestive system healthy!

Best of all, it has no added sugar (sucrose) to build good eating habit.


NAN® OPTIPRO® 2 provides your baby with:

Optimized Protein Blend

BIFIDUS BL Probiotics

Unique LIPID SMART® fat blend with DHA & ARA precursor

Iron & Zinc

No Added Sucrose (Sugar)

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